Monday, November 1, 2010

Caelan enjoying some pumpkin...

wonder what's in here??

stir, stir, stir

now for a better look

Caelan exploring with his tongue

hmmm, not so sure at first

this is pretty fun goop!

my occupational therapist would be so proud!

I don't know what happened?!?

it's all gone now!

great hat!

now it's time for a bath and some major clean up!


  1. That's AWESOME!!!!!

  2. He really does look like he had a ton of fun! I can't even begin to imagine the clean up.

  3. Tanya this is so great that Caelan didn't mind all the goop on his hands and mouth, you guys have been working so hard on this texture thing that it is a wonderful sight to see the mess and Caelan in the middle!!! I LOVE IT :)