Thursday, August 9, 2012


Before Caelan was born we used to camp regularly and loved it!  With Caelan being rather technologically dependent we weren't sure when or how we'd be able to camp again. 

Well, we decided it was time!  It was a last minute decision and a fabulous one!  We tagged along with some great friends who were more than happy when we invited ourselves along!

Bert, Joanna, Campbell, Ryland, Caelan, Tanya, Darcy and Damian
 The fact that they had a trailer certainly helped with our decision, however I want it known that we did sleep in our tent.  We camped at a beautiful location near Parish, New York, Thursday through Sunday. 

There was a lake for fishing and peddle boating and two pools for swimming.  There was a big park, mini golf, horseshoes, basketball, baseball diamond, games room, "teen only" room, dances on Saturday night with a DJ, a restaurant... it was actually more like "resort camping"!! 


  1. So glad that you guys had a good time, when I asked Caelan if he liked camping it was a huge smile and a big yes, he liked spending time with HIS friend too he told me:) Have not seen the girls reaction yet but according to the boys I sure get the impression that you all had a great time we love camping too and this place sure sounded nice!
    Gramma xx

  2. Great memories for us too thanks to the Piche family. We are still talking about our getaway...hoping to make it an annual affair. Maybe someone will catch the big one next year! (fish I mean!)