Friday, September 21, 2012

Summer Bucket List Review

What better day to review our 2012 Summer Bucket List than on the last day of summer. 

From our list of 35 suggestions we almost completed half of them!  Oh well, the summer felt busy enough and I've got a head start on next year's list!  I have to remember that we also managed some adventures that weren't on the list...
  1. Biodome in Montreal July 31
  2. Farmers Markets * Metcalfe June 16, Chesterville July 7, Kemptville
  3. Busker Festival:  The weekend this was on we went on our first camping trip as the Piche 5!
  4. Have a picnic July 7
  5. Visit Mackenzie King Estates: Nope!
  6. Fly a kite: Nope!
  7. Watch planes take off:  On Damian and Caelan's visit to the Aviation Museum they did watch a helicopter take off... That's got to count for something!
  8. Pick strawberries and make strawberry shortcake June
  9. Run through the sprinkler: Nope!
  10. Play at a splash pad * with Poppa and Lolo on June 16, check
  11. Visit a waterpark: Nope!
  12. Go on a family bike ride:  Well, I know that everyone went one day while I was at work.
  13. Changing of the Guard on Parliament Hill: Nope!
  14. RCMP Sunset Ceremony (June 26-30):  Didn't realize how popular an event this was.  Next year we'll have to plan better to get there early!
  15. Play a game of mini golf done
  16. Go for a walk on the beach July 8
  17. Blow bubbles:  We did this lots before the Bucket List was made but never after, go figure?
  18. Dragon Boat festival (June 22-24) June 24th
  19. Build a sandcastle:  Thought better of this one.
  20. Paint a work of art outside:  The girls painted some art in the garage...
  21. Go for a walk in the rain *June 24th
  22. Go bowling: Nope!
  23. Go fishing done
  24. Go for a boat ride do peddle boats count?
  25. Watch hot air balloons take off: Nope!
  26. Cosmic adventures *Caelan and Mom June 30
  27. Tall Ships Festival:  Okay, I must have been crazy when I added this to the list because it's in Halifax?!?!  We had no intention of getting there this summer.  We did however go to the Pirate Festival in Gananoque...
  28. Play Daddy's tire game: Nope!
  29. Enjoy a root beer or orange soda float July 8
  30. Prepare our entire dinner by campfire:  I'm going to blame this one on the dry weather and fire bans that lasted all summer long!
  31. Prepare an entire meal from food from the farmers market tried
  32. Go to a fair - Russell Fair Sept. 9
  33. Skip rocks July 8
  34. Feed some ducks * July 1
  35. Backyard camping for real!!
Now .. for a Fall Bucket List?? 

Yah, I don't think so!

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